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yummy sunday-- spreads from davao--

>> Sunday, August 30, 2009

In my other blog, I mentioned that my sister Sweet arrived from Davao City Tuesday evening with goodies from Emerald Farm and Lucille's.. For my Yummy Sunday entry, I am featuring these two tasty spreads, as they are strangely yummy--- hahaha.. For these two, we bought bread from Pan de Pugon before fetching her from the terminal... She texted ahead of time to buy bread for midnight snack... When she opened her loot, out came the two bottles.. This is best partnered with very cold pineapple guave juice from Del Monte...

What's your Yummy Sunday? By the way, check out what I have prepared FROM MY KITCHEN this weekend... find it here...

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Have a blessed Sunday everyone...



>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

I have just finished preparing my ingredients for tonight's dinner. I will cook it after the pork knuckles are tender. Can't afford to mess up all my creations, so I do them one at a time. So here I am again looking for sensible blogs to read and follow. As a blogger, it always helps to blog-hop and find new blogs to get worthwhile information that could be beneficial in whatever aspect of your life. Take for instance the health blog I have visited early this morning. One post entitled, "Internet Weight Loss" really got me thinking. As a STAY AT HOME MOM, I realize that what the post is implying is TRUE! Indeed technology can have its toll on health, but of course, I would have to agree that the benefits of the information highway is also vast. We just have to know where to look and to apply what we have learned online in our off line activities.. YAY! What a challenge that would be. I am thankful for all these information, that is why, even if I have put up a FOOD BLOG, I still have a category for online information and other great stuff found in the Internet.. Anyway, do visit that blog. I am sure you will find many other interesting posts there aside from what I shared here..

Got to end this post. I have to have my tomatoes peeled and seeded.. Later guys--



This is Lumpia Ubod, a variety of Fresh Lumpia served at all Tapsi Time branches. This one here I ate while killing time for my class at Bukidnon State University Annex, inside MOGCHS Campus. It was a rainy afternoon and not so many people were inside.

If you are to ask me to rate the food shop and this food it will be as follows:

    • SERVICE: 2 out of 5 (the staff seems to love talking and getting idle most of the time)
    • LOCATION: 3 out of 5 (parking space are available and it is located just in the corner so it' highly accessible)
    • FOOD: 2 out of 5 (This Lumpia is bland and lacks the taste I was craving for. Less peanut can be tasted, not to mention the fact that it is not actually freshly organized.. Kinda like it was done a day before and was just kept in the refrigerator in order not to spoil.. The sauce is too sweet)
    • FOOD SHOP: 2 out of 5 (There were flies flying by occasionally, and beggars came in and out and the staff never bothered to do something about them.. )
    • PRICE: 2 out of 5 (This cost P 40 or a dollar less.. Plus a can of Pineapple Orange Juice at P 35, it's quite expensive for food that is not so nice.. Make's me think of going to Jollibee instead.. lol.. )
I think it is better to have food taken out parallel to dining in. That is if you have a better place to eat them. If not, then it's okay. Let me just warn you that the air conditioner will not be turned on so it's not a cool place to be at on a warm day. On a rainy day, as long as it is not full of people, the place will be better..



I usually surf the net while cooking or doing some basic chores that do not require much of my attention. Thanks to technology and modern electronics, all these are possible. I needed to be online for a few short errands from my sister for their health class and of course, some personal itineraries too. I had to say hello to friends on plurk and send tweets, lol.. and lastly, I needed a new recipe for the meal I am planning since my cousins and Aunts from Butuan City will be coming tomorrow for our bi-monthly bondings.. We also plan to go back to El Salvador for the visit to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine...

Anyway, one of the best sites I have surfed today is, which is actually a health forum for those interested in all aspects of health and illness.. So since my sister wants me to look up some information for her, I browsed though the site.. There are lots of information about natural and alternative ways of dealing with health problems. And when I got what my sister needed, I surfed some more for my personal search, lol.. Topics in the forums also include nutrition, and some recipes for healthy foodies... So I HIT IT BIG TIME! Found a recipe to cook for tomorrow..

And because I am so grateful for this wonderful site, I am sharing this information here. Visit the site. I know it will also be helpful for you..



Hello everyone, I have started this food meme for me to share and hopefully for anyone and everyone to join. I call this "FROM MY KITCHEN" since the plan is for us to feature food made or prepared from our kitchen.. Whether you cooked it yourself or repackaged the meal to suit your foodie fans... Just tell us how you did it and that's it... This is open Saturdays as most of us have more time to cook during weekends... But you can start sharing your entries from 7:01 pm Fridays and ends 12:01 AM Tuesdays... Please copy the badge and link it to this post. Thanks and happy cooking---

For my entry this week, I wanna share with you FIESTA HUMBA.. since it is the most common specialty during Fiestas.. and we are celebrating our City Fiesta today, August 28, 2009--


  • 1 kilo LEAN & MEATY PORK (less fat)
  • garlic
  • onions
  • bayleaf
  • soysauce
  • chinese vinegar
  • sprite
  • subot


  1. cut pork in bite size bits
  2. crush garlic and cube onions
  3. marinate meat in soysauce, a little Chinese vinegar and sprite or any lime soda with other spices of your choice
  4. place everything (the marinade) in a claypot line with banana leaves for slow cooking (or you can use the slow cooker or Imarflex Crockpot)
  5. simmer..
I hope you like it. That's the healthier way to cook the common HUMBA..

Thank you Kuting for participating.. It was a pleasure and an honor to know teh recipe for

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insulated lunch tote to keep our meals warm---

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tomorrow is a Sunday, but I will be in MOGCHS for our make up classes at BSU. I will need to prepare my insulated lunch tote to keep my meals warm and fresh until lunchtime.. I always enjoy a good meal when it is still fresh and warm. But of course, if I really have to, we can always reheat our food at the office..

Anyway, while I was looking through some foodies and some lunch boxes for Lili and River, I saw two new items at under the toddler backpack section and the nap mats section. Suddenly, my focus has shifted from thinking about what food to prepare for tomorrow to what bag and mat I should get for Lili and River.. Hehehe.. I am always like this.. Can't blame me, I am a mom...



A bowl of cereal keeps me and Lili awake and active in the morning---

When I went to the grocery this week, I could not find her regular cereal, KUKUCrunch Duo.. So we settled for Honeystar.. It was okay.. Lili liked it. But the funny thing about eating a star shaped cereal is that Lili keeps telling me about the star on her hand that Teacher Marissa gave that I failed to take a picture of.. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. What a funny way to start the day..



It's Tanya's birthday and we were tasked to do the cooking.. Oh well, that's what friends are for. Hehehe.. Nina busied cutting the necessary ingredients while husband Stan was busy setting up a daycare nap mat for each our kids. Lili complained that hers was very blue and would like to have the pink one, as it is her favorite color... Little Andy was busy ogling with Mommy Sam.. And Chuchie is busy chatting and surfing the net.. So technically, there are just four of us who can cook and the rest will have to settle for washing the dishes or preparing the table. But while we are busying ourselves they will have to relax first as their work will start later when we're done...

Then Chuchie gasped and with glee gathered up the kids for the bag show, lol.. She showed them the stephen joseph quilted backpack and the stephen joseph backpack she found online.. And the kids surely made their choices.. Waaaah... I wonder how much it will cost her... hmmm.. We'll know that for sure during dinner.. I can't wait to ask her after she will ask for more salad... lol..



>> Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello everyone, I am starting this food meme for everyone to join. I call this "FROM MY KITCHEN" since the plan is for us to feature food made or prepared from our kitchen.. Whether you cooked it yourself or repackaged the meal to suit your foodie fans... Just tell us how you did it and that's it... This is open Saturdays as most of us have more time to cook during weekends... But you can start sharing your entries from 7:01 pm Fridays and ends 12:01 AM Tuesdays... Please copy the badge and link it to this post. Thanks and happy cooking---

For my entry this week, I wanna share with you BANANA HEART SALAD..

It is so easy to make this. All you have to do is prepare the following ingredients:

  • Puso sa Saging (Banana heart)
  • Gata (Coconut Milk)
  • Onions - thinly sliced
  • Garlic - finely chopped
  • Ginger roots - thin strips
  • salt
  • pepper
How to do it?
  1. first you have to boil the banana heart, when it is done, peel off the outer layers until you get to the softest core
  2. slice the remaining banana heart into bite size, set aside
  3. in a bowl mix together all the remaining ingredients except the coconut milk, add the banana heart, set aside
  4. bring the coconut milk to a semi boil, adding some spices. when done pour the coconut milk over the prepared mix...
  5. serve in glass bowls.. best to partner with Sinugbang Bangus or any fish, broiled or fried----
I hope you enjoyed my entry.. Can't wait to know yours...

By the way, this is also my entry for YUMMY SUNDAY...

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Link From Blog

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here's great news to all foodies.. Mommy Ruby invited me to join Link From Blog, a company that helps food bloggers like us incorporate blogging and paid to post moneymaking. Plus once we sign up, the company will give tips on how to go about moneymaking with food blogs..

Here's more, they are giving a sign up bonus of $5... How's that sound? Anyway, click on teh widget below to learn more...

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>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I did mention in my other blog that cousin Maureen married a gorgeous Texan guy four years ago, and he loves her so much, he loves to cook for her and her kids too. In the recent balikbayan box that she sent Tita Millie she included bottled goodies which includes the well loved Caliente Salsa, Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce and the ever famous Jalapeno Pepper Jelly... Having lived and loved her husband's place is truly reflective of her love for Texan foodies that she wants to share with her family here in the Philippines also...

Maureen loves to cook also and even before she married she is already fond of introducing foreign dishes and specialties to her family, which is a good thing because we are always welcome during these family food tasting sessions, lol...

I can't wait to go to their house today as Tita Millie says I have a special bottle that Maureen prepared. I have one and Lennie too....



>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello everyone, I am starting this food meme for everyone to join. I call this "FROM MY KITCHEN" since the plan is for us to feature food made or prepared from our kitchen.. Whether you cooked it yourself or repackaged the meal to suit your foodie fans... Just tell us how you did it and that's it... This is open Saturday and Sunday as most of us have more time to cook during weekends...

For my entry this week, I wanna share with you my SQUID SURPRISE.

I have already shared this a few posts ago, so if you want the story, click here.. Can't wait to hear about your kitchen surprise...

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A Slice of Maja Blanca...

>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

... is all I will ever need when I am down and blue, lol.. But this here is no ordinary Maja Blanca... My sister Sweet made this.

Creamy Mango Maja Blanca Supreme ala Lorden... hahaha at least that's what we named her foodie...

Its main ingredient is mango and cream cheese.. added to the regular Maja Blanca Recipe...

My Auntie Irma also makes the best Maja Blanca with diced cheese in and on top of her Maja.. Also very yummy!


FROM MY KITCHEN... Come and Join This Meme..

>> Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love to cook. And I love to eat. So I came up with a meme that will sure be a great sharepiece in this food blog. I know there are others out there who wouldn't only eat, but prepare food as well. IF you wish to share with us your links, then you are very much welcome..

Most memes have rules to follow, mine is just simple. And they are:

1.) Post only food/dishes that you made, otherwise, it won't be from your Kitchen anymore, lol..  From My Kitchen is a Wednesday Food Meme, but it shall be open Mondays (00:01) To Fridays (11:59 PM) so you can use the post as filler in between tasks (works well for those paid post workers, hehehe).. and hosted at More Food Adventures... 
2.) In your post, add the meme badge:

Or this, courtesy of Mommy Willa of Food Trip Friday...


3.) Have fun as you bloghop and leave comments to make everyone smile.. I shall visit you too, when the meme closes..

See you around fellow foodies...

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How To Eat Better At Work----

>> Sunday, August 9, 2009

I got this from my email today. I am sharing this here because I know we all deserve to know...

"Why is it so hard to eat right? “When you’re hungry, you’re not a philosopher,” explains Dr. Daisy Merey, a physician and authority on eating habits.

Indeed, food — and especially the lack thereof — brings out our animal nature. And when we homo sapiens find ourselves in the artificial environment of the workplace, complete with its stresses, catered temptations, psychosocial dramas, smelly refrigerators, bureaucratic tedium and, yes, vending machines, we are animals who eat badly more often than not.

“You’re sitting in a room with no windows for hours, and sometimes you just get bored and eat,” says Natalie Davis-Runyan, a regional vice president for staffing firm Todays Office Professionals. And if you eat what’s within reach, such as cafeteria food, high-calorie snacks and so on, you’re alarmingly likely to develop health problems.

What can you do to improve what you eat at the office, which for many of us is the bulk of what we consume all day? Here are a few approaches to better nutrition in the land of heartburn and the pizza-sized chocolate chip cookie.

Bring Your Own Food

The consensus of health and nutrition professionals is that you’ll eat much better if you plan ahead and pack a lunch. “You have to be prepared and bring food that’s healthy,” says Merey. “A brown bag is always better than a restaurant or vending machines.”

Brown baggers are a small but significant contingent of the workforce. “There’s about 25 percent of the people who bring their own lunches and walk away from the birthday cake,” says Davis-Runyan.

Your planning should go beyond a lunch that includes fruits and vegetables and not too much sugar or fat. “Ideally, you want snacks with fiber, protein and carbs,” says Elysse Lakatos, a registered dietitian. For example, “pistachios have those nutrients, and it takes time to shell them,” she says — time that can give your craving a chance to subside before you stuff yourself.

Control Portions to Control Your Waistline

Whether it’s a meat entree or guilty snack in a bag, you’ve got to control portions to eat healthfully at the office. The key is to portion out at home what you’ll be eating in the break room.

If you must snack on fat-infused carbohydrates, try pre-portioned 100- or 150-calorie bags. “We have a natural tendency to finish the bag, whatever the size, even though people can satisfy cravings with small amounts,” says Miriam Pappo, director of clinical nutrition at Montefiore Medical Center.

Get Real About What’s Healthy

Educate yourself to understand what’s really nutritious. Those little cheesy fish-shaped crackers may be less nutritionally damaging than most potato chips, but they’re still not health food. “There are a lot of foods that we think are healthy, but they’re not,” says Pappo. “One of the biggest is muffins; even a regular doughnut can have many fewer calories.”

Still, sometimes you can fool yourself in a good way. “People who hide candy in a dark container are less likely to eat it than if they put it in a glass bowl,” says Merey.

Advocate for Institutional Change

Employees should bring their nutritional needs to management, which often controls the cafeteria as well as the vending machines. “The food service is a money maker for hospitals, so they want to balance what is healthy with what is profitable,” says Pappo. Unfortunately, unhealthy foods often make the most money because they sell so well.

Then there are catered lunches, those stacks of meaty sandwiches and mountains of over-the-top desserts mandated by executives looking to trigger each others’ budget envy. The first solution to try is the simplest: “Ask the people who are ordering if they can change the food,” says Tammy Lakatos, a registered dietitian and sister of Elysse Lakatos.

Take Special Care If You’re a Woman

Finally, women should remind themselves that their cardiovascular health is of great concern, media emphasis on men’s heart attacks notwithstanding. “More women than men die of heart disease each year,” says Dr. Aliya Browne, clinical director for the Hanesport Women’s Heart Center.

And women may have more difficulty staying away from unhealthy foods at the office, according to Browne: “We can become a bit more stressed than men, and that can make us more emotional eaters.”

How to Eat Better at Work by John Rossheim/ Senior Contributing Writer, August 03, 2009"



CHOCOLATE PORIDGE is the other term for Champorado. We usually eat this for snacks on a rainy day. Lili loves it when powdered chocolate is sprinkled on top...

Topping variations include:

Condensed Milk
Banana Slices
Daing (Luzon style Daing na Bangus)
Bulad or Dried Fish
Itlog na Maalat or salted Eggs

and many others...




Roast Beef with Monterey Jack Cheese Panini

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

This is what we had during the CDO Bloggers Blogging 101 Workshop held last May 23, 2009 held at Sentro 1850, Cagayan de Oro.

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