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Weekend Gourmet Market at Eastwood Mall

>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wanna witness all the gastronomic delights at this Weekend Gourmet Market in Eastwood Mall? Clea Cheng of  Megaworld Commercial Division informed me that this is going on every weekend starting April 24, 2010 and all the weekends of May.
This is a chance for us to explore an eden of sweets, baked goodies and hard to find gourmet cooking ingredients. Plus a selection of  fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and more. She showed me pictures of and I was already drooling over the foodies..

The Weekend Gourmet Market is located at the 2nd and 3rd level of Eastwood Mall.  Weekend Gourmet Market Hours are Saturdays: 11am-11pm and  Sundays: 10am-10pm.

I want some of these YUMMY Babies..  How about you?



Breakfasts at Missy Bon Bon..

>> Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wanna have any of the foodies below for breakfast?

You can also choose any bread or pastry and match it with brewed coffee or hot chocolate..

In Cagayan de Oro City, Missy Bon Bon is located at the Robinson's Supermarket 2nd Level, Cagayan de Oro City and of course, at Rosario Drive (adjacent to McDonalds, Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City, from 7am to 10pm daily.

Read about my Missy Bon Bon experience here.


Working in the Casino

My friend Amy works in a CasinoHotel, and I am really very happy for her because she is always excited to go to work. She shared that they get free meals and that a Filipino chef takes care of all employees food from breakfast, lunch and dinner, whichever is applicable for each of them.

Wow. That is truly something. That hotel must really be doing very well. I wonder if online Casinos also have that luxury to provide their employees. Hmm, I guess so. Being in the Casino business is something really big and to provide the best even for the employees is one great incentive for employees to love their jobs.


Soups On..

>> Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creamy Mushroom Soup above and Hearty Cream of Chicken Soup below

I love soup. I love creamy soup. Every time we eat at Pizza Hut or Shakeys, I never fail to include the creamy soups they have on the menu..


Hurrah for Chedy!

Chedy was singing her heart out.. "I left my heart in San Francisco..." And guess what is the reason for all this. If you think she is in love and just came from San Francisco, then you are partly right, but need to twist that a bit, lol..

You see, my friend Chedy's boyfriend sent her an invitation to go to San Francisco this summer. In fact, Chedy has already been looking into the many different hotels in San Francisco. She prefers the boutique hotels in San Francisco, and some union square San Francisco hotels also delighted her as she was browsing through.

There are many Leisure and business hotels near San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle, and Chedy's search didn't only stop there. Jacob, her boyfriend, told her that they will be touring all the 50 States because he wants his family to have time with Chedy. The two are engaged but will have the wedding here in the Philippines next year yet. And because Jacob's family is scattered all over the States, Chedy will have the time of her life going in each to meet Jacob's family. And boy, they are quite a huge family. But Jacob and Chedy decided that they will stay at the hotels instead of staying over for the night at Jacob's relatives.

One of the hotels that Chedy had been looking into are the many Larkspur Hotels & Restaurants that offer three distinct hotel brands, Larkspur Landing, Larkspur Hotels and The Larkspur Collection. They are all spread out over areas of California and the Pacific Northwest, ranging from Los Angeles to Portland.

I did my research on the hotels she mentioned and I found that The Larkspur Collection is composed of 8 hotels, and each of the 8 offers unique, individual experience, that highly complements the local flavor of the surrounding area. And take this, The Larkspur Collection focuses on delivering a sensory experience, upscale amenities and exceptional service. OMG! I hope Chedy will not stay there for good. Because if that would be the case, then I wouldn't be baking her wedding cake giveaways. Too bad for my business I must say, lol..

But, of course, we can never really dictate, should the couple decide right then and there to tie the know and not wait for next year.. You go girlfriend!!!


Hungry for a Ride

In the mood for some fiction? I wrote some crazy story patterned over my friend's Danielle's winning the lotto. Although the story is different, but what is fiction if it is based on real life? Then it would no longer be fiction right?

Read the story below:

Dave, a young executive never thought he'd win in the daily lotto. And when he finally saw that he did, he thought of buying something that he had been hungry for all his life. And NO, it's not Pizza, lol.. It's the latest model of his favorite ride, the nissan sentra. But his mother insisted that he get a more environment friendly car, the honda insight. Unfortunately, Dave's father overheard their longstanding debate and said that he should get a kia rio and use the remaining funds to fix the fence. And because Dave is much more confused now than ever, he went to see his Aunt Lucille who offered him an apple pie instead. Unable to help him, he proceeded to claim his loot. Seeing the check made him think all the more. He could actually buy three cars with the amount. But he only want to spend for one. He proceeded to deposit the check to his bank account, and splurged on an apple flavored ice-cream on a cone. He continued walking to get a drift of the days events.. He never felt hungry, he just wants to make the best decision on what car to buy.

By late afternoon, Dave was already very tired thinking about his ride, so he hopped on a taxi. While taking his easy time as the taxi cruised the empty streets, he then remembered an old Chevy that his grandfather used to own. By the time he was in front of his door, just when he was about to turn the knob to open, he finally made a decision. He will have the Chevy fixed and have it look like its former glory..

hmm.. What do you think? Did I make you yawn or did I make you hungry? hahaha.. Here, have some Pineapple Guava Summer Slush, with Cherry on Top, lol...

Enjoy your day..


Fun Left Overs

This was what I had on the second day of Holy Week..

The weekend before that, we went to Pizza Hut for some Pizza and pasta. We usually take home what we can not finish. So that very Tuesday morning, Lili and I ate the left over carbonara plus some Tempura, left over from Monday..

Now, here's what I discovered. The bland Carbonara from Pizza Hut and the salty Tempura are a good combination for breakfast. Top that with brewed coffee.. Ohlala


Ham and Cheese and Pontiac Accessories

There is nothing more delicious than having the best brewed coffee for breakfast, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and fresh from the toaster, ham and cheese sandwich with all the gooey cheese melting in your mouth.

Well, that is how I often see my favorite food as much as my BFF sees his Pontiac & Pontiac accessories. Gloriously delicious! Well, if you have the car in raving hot red-orange, why wouldn't it be? I can almost imagine a crusty, creamy, gooey dessert while looking at his new baby. hahaha.. Don't get me wrong. Just my way of having fun out of this warm and dark night courtesy of our rotational brown out here in our city.

But really, if you are looking for car accessories and stuff for your car, check out the site where BFF got his cool, unrivaled babies. At, you can find anything and everything related to your car and car accessories needs. Of course, if you are hungry and would want a piece of cake and cool desserts, you will not find them there. But if you drive a mile perhaps, then you will be at your favorite bistro or cafe. So keep your car gassed up for such occasion may come anytime. If you are hungry and would very much like to sample my recipes, then drive by my place and see what I shall serve you.

Hmm.. Sounds yummy right? If you agree to take me to the market to buy a few more ingredients, then you are welcome to stay for lunch, dinner, and breakfast the next day, lol.. On the fun side, we can all go to the beach or the mountains for some dry picnic.. Shall I give the girls a holler now?

Well, what do you think?


PIZZA DE ORO, Affordable White Sauce Pizza

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

WHITE SAUCE PIZZA has always been my favorite. And if all of you are familiar with DaVinci's in Cebu City, then you will definitely say that White Sauce Pizza is absolutely to die for.

Weeks ago, I was introduced to PIZZA DE ORO by the many plurk friends plurking about the newest White Sauce Pizza craze in Cagayan de Oro City. So I decided to try them out. Initially they had two flavors to choose from. And on my first and second orders, I bought each of the said flavors. Imagine, for P 200 you can already enjoy exciting pizzas.

Hawaiian Ham and Cheese - P 90
De Oro Overload - P 110
I love how the filling in each kind of Pizza blends well with the mood we have at home. Creamy, crunchy, yummy! Lili and River, as well as my sister liked these flavors. Last week, fellow CDO Blogger, Rosanna Lim, told me that I should try out the newest flavor:

Tuna - P 110

And guess what, I think I have found my favorite in their menu. This week they are coming out with a new flavor, Beef. I will still have to try that out and tell you guys about it.

If you wish to order, they are available for delivery, with no extra charge. I often check their Facebook page before I order. Below are their contact details.

Hotline #: (088) 858-4874
Cellphone #: 0915-4430-588

Business address is at # 14-21 street Nazareth, Fronting Lourdes Grade School. Soon they will have a physical address to accommodate diners.

By the way, if you can not consume your pizza, (which is quite impossible unless you order so many and there's just you staring at all the rest that you can not consume anymore, lol.. ) or if you wish to order and take it on a trip, all you have to do to retain its freshness is to refrigerate it, and reheat together with its signature banana leaf and voila! You have the freshly reheated pizza that is still yummy..


Banks and Pizza

>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lili and I have had this routine of cashing out from the bank and then proceed to her favorite Pizza place, do the other tasks within the area, then proceed to another bank to deposit funds.

My cousin who is new in Manchester along with her friends reminds me so much of me and Lili. She shares that on her first week, she and her buddies had to scout around for banks in Manchester and when they were able to find one, they went ahead and proceeded to look for the best Manchester pizza. After they found the place, and found that they needed more cash, they went around looking for banks Manchester again. Lol..

Well, technically, it's a different drift there, but if Lili were to say it, "Bank, Pizza, Bank.. Mommy, it's a Pattern!"

Oh my Lili always amazes me with her antics and remarks.

Anyway, the other day I saw some friends and Lili whispered to have another trip to the pizza place after we’re done talking, fortunately for her, we went ahead and proceeded to go to Pizza Hut. She couldn’t help but smile and whispered to ask if we’re also going to the bank afterward because she knows that that was our pattern. I couldn't help but laugh.

So I explained to her that everything does not have to be a pattern. That whatever we do, for as long as they are not necessary, need not follow a pattern. She looked at me with her bright smiling eyes and said that she understood clearly. No further questions, she just started eating her pizza like it’s the most delicious food in the world, lol..

Anyway, it was a very good breather for a very busy day. I always feel relaxed when Lili and I would go out. Whether we eat out, watch a movie or simply play at Worlds of Fun, we end up having a great time.


MIKASA on Shopwiki

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who would ever thought that MIKASA, the brand that is familiar to me as the brand for a ball, is actually a name brand of a very sophisticated line of dinnerware. As a paid contributor for Shopwiki, I am really very thankful for all the added information Shopwiki has provided me.

You too can enjoy the many products and name brands that you can research about from Shopwiki.

Wouldn't it be a good idea if you research about the products you plan to buy instead of rushing and buying them right away? Who knows? You may find something better or something that has the same benefits yet at an affordable price.

Go ahead, visit today..


Online Photo Effects

Do you know that you can create funny pictures and share them with your friends for laughs. It is so easy to make funny photos with just a simple step. Imagine, all you have to do is upload a ready photo and you are all set. Get the code and place them wherever you want to place them.

There are many website to get online photo effects but if you go to you will get wonderful effects such as the one below:

Funny Pictures

The site is actually a new service where you can upload your photo and make a lot of different amazing effects in a few seconds. They have more than a 1000 effects and you will find a new effect daily.

Funny Pictures

Well, why not try making one for you and your friends.. It will be fun..


Technorati Claim

>> Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Shopwiki and The Kitchen Goddess

>> Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello there, my fellow Kitchen Goddess. lol.. Are you looking for the right kitchen tool or the right cookware? Is buying the right range hood your concern right now? Or do you want to buy a book of recipes or boxed meals that you can readily prepare? Well, here's some good news. Do you know that you can now save money by getting to know the products to buy before actually buying them? Yes, that is true my dear fellow Kitchen Goddess. And I am recommending a space in the world wide web for you to seek answers about your questions on specific products. 

As an independent Shopwiki contributor, paid by Shopwiki to create and link to content, I am telling you about the great site that I am part of. Shopwiki or is the site for you to find answers. To give you a hint, try to visit the page I did about DeLonghi. And do tell me what you think..
Our kitchen would not be complete without the right tools and gadgets, nor the magic that we create as we prepare foodies and stuff. Not to mention, the right clothes to wear when we host a banquet my fellow kitchen goddess.. So enhance that kitchen goddess in you by knowing the right products to use. Visit Shopwiki today..


Himalayan Salt

>> Friday, April 2, 2010

Himalayan Salt is perhaps the purest salt to be found on earth. It is actually a fossil marine salt that is rich in minerals that includes Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Iron which gives the salt its beautiful speckled pink color. And because of these minerals, it is a a naturally pure, nutritious and delicious salt that can enhance gourmet cooking.

Because it is harvested from ancient sea salt deposits in the Himalayan Mountains, thus, it was given its name. It has been protected and kept pure for millions of years there, and miraculously too, they are good ingredients in beauty products like salts that exfoliates and some body scrubs. .
If you buy them, they can be available from the fine grain salts, small grain salts, medium grain salts, coarse grain salts and the extra coarse grain salts.

Visit for more information.


Sea Salts

Do you know the benefits of Sea Salt? It is generally more expensive than the common table salt which you use on a daily basis and commonly, it is used in gourmet cooking. Some potato chips and some recipes require sea salt instead of table salt.

Sea Salts are obtained by the evaporation of sea water, the traditional way. N o preservatives, no additives. It used to be called as bay salt or solar salt, and its mineral content gives it a different taste from table salt, which is made from pure sodium chloride that is usually refined from mined rock salt or from sea salt.

For more information about Sea Salts, visit and know more..


Technorati Claim




A few weeks ago I started with Shopwiki, a site that serves as a shopping guide as it talks about different products, from the general brand name to the minutest detail of each product and product type. Mind you, I have so much fun writing and creating a page where I am an independent Shopwiki contributor, paid by Shopwiki to create and link to content. In short, I wiki for your shopping guide. Well, actually, it's everyone's guide as I visit the other wikis for my reference too.

For this food blog, an example of a shopping guide that can benefit me a lot would be, information about Boxed Meals and Side Dishes Meat Dishes. If you wanna know more about them then visit that wiki content for Boxed Meals and Side Dishes Meat Dishes by clicking here.

Well, now you know..

Do visit Shopwiki for more.. enter in your address bar..


Tuna Siomai

>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

Siomai is usually made of pork or beef or chicken. But since it's holy week, we have refrained from eating pork and other meats.

This is Tuna Dumpling, or Tuna Siomai. Made the same way as any other siomai except that the filling is made from Tuna.

This is oh so yummy..

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