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One & Thirty Four Entries..

>> Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thank you so much for all those who have joined my contest here.  I will be announcing the winners as soon as I am done checking all entries. Please bear with me as I have just arrived from Manila. I was not able to do the checking as well as the process... 

Please come back for the announcement...

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A Fun Hard Rock Dinner & More...

>> Thursday, May 27, 2010

We were having a great time at Hard Rock tonight. Me and 7 other bloggers from CDO, Ilo-ilo, Davao and Cebu were merrily drinking and eating, and dancing when the couple from the other table who were sipping Mojitos, suddenly made a loud discussion about the LifeLock Promo. Hmm.. It sounded so familiar that I had to stop and listened intently to the two.. Uhm... I was not eavesdropping, they were too loud despite Mike Chan's rendition of Sorry on vocals as he and his band entertained us with 80s and 90s music.

I then remembered that I once read a LifeLock Review and even visited, and so I continued to sip my Tropical Rock as Mommy Phebie and April enjoyed their Hurricane. Keiven's Sex on the Beach was untouched because according to him, it was too strong for him to take. hehehe.. 

For photos of out fun dinner and night out, I will still have to download and crop our takes.. Visit this post again for updates.. The food is mouthwatering enough to make you drool, lol...Problem is, I forgot their names. All I can remember is the Jumbo Combo which has my favorites, Onion Rings and Spicy Chicken Wings. I think there's also Chicken fritters and Mojos. Oh and there are 4 kinds of dips. There's Cheese, there's Sour Cream, there's also this 3 Spring Rolls which is placed along with a different kind of Coleslaw that is topped with Sour Cream. YAY! That's just one of the many foodies we ordered.

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In Search For Gold..

>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My friend Kiara, a cake designer, along with her sister, Mira, a cake technician and specialist, asked me to help them look for a good design for the cake they are supposed to bake for their grandparent's golden wedding anniversary. I wish it were as easy as when one would buy gold bullion, where it is easy to find the reliable seller online. But Kiara's  and Mira's quest is finding the right design that her grandma, Mama Minmin, have not seen in her two granddaughters' work. She had always been their confidant and adviser when it comes to cake designs, colors and flavors as she herself was a very good baker-- though not for commercial or business.

Anyway, they want something that would reflect each of their grandparent's hobbies that is heavily supported by the other, in such a way that such hobby has strengthened their marriage. The two's grandpa is an avid gold coin collector and somehow, Mira says that they should incorporate gold coins in the design for the  50th wedding anniversary cake. 

Hmm, speaking of gold coins, and gold bullion, I heard that you can now go ahead and purchase gold and other precious metals with the United States Gold Bureau, and even buy gold or silver coins that you can have delivered or arrange for a safe storage at any bank or depository. And since the demand for silver is now at its peak, most investors have opted to buy than sell such investment.

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One and Thirty Four.. A Double Birthday Contest

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

happy birthday cake

This blog is "One Year Old plus a few days" today.. And I forgot all about celebrating.. So here's a fun and delicious treat for all of you foodies. This is actually a double post-birthday contest since a few months back I also turned 34.. That is why I called this "One and Thirty Four".

If you want to join, the rules are very simple. (if you want to put the rules in your post,  copy and paste the rules below, so you wont lose the links. If not, please make sure you do # 2)

1. Make a post about this contest and add the site More Food Adventures and other blog sites to your bloglist:   My Happy Home, Inhale Exhale and Just The Tip of an Iceberg.

2. Go back to THE CONTEST POST and leave your comment with the URL of your post. (Make sure to link the contest post url  to the keyword: THE CONTEST POST)

3. One entry per blog site. Please PLUG UR POST at your FB profile page..(equivalent to 5 points)

4. Adding Mommy Dharlz as friend on FACEBOOK and following all blogs  on NetworkedBlogs is also another (1 point ) entry. (please do 1-3 first for this to be considered)

5. Follow Mommy Dharlz on Twitter and it will be another (1 point )entry. (please do 1-4 first for this to be considered.)

6. Subscribe Via Email  -- refer to my sidebar -- and Confirm Subscription , another entry (3 points)

7. Bloggers outside Cagayan de Oro and the Philippines are welcome for as long as they have a Cagayan de Oro City  address or you actually give your prize to a relative or friend, or someone who lives in this city.

8. Winners will be drawn through

9. Contest will commence when this blog turns One Year and Thirty Four Days old,  on May 27, 2010

Prizes range from the foodies I have featured in this blog that you can ONLY FIND in Cagayan de Oro City (for now-- maybe in the future they'll branch out  somewhere outside CDO).

Uhm.. I will be buying my prizes so it's just me and my humble giveaways,  to thank you guys for all the support and love  for MORE FOOD ADVENTURES..  One thing is certain, The Prizes Are All Delicious... 

Oh, FOODIE & NON FOODIE Sponsors for added prizes are still welcome to join in the FUN.. Enjoy added traffic / exposure through links in posts, by blogger participants, a like here and there on your pages in the Social networks, and many more linky love in the blogosphere..

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Car Shop Calls On A Sunday Family Lunch

I did mention previously that the Red Bug was at the shop, or was it on another blog? Hmm. Anyway, just to continue with that, the shop manager called the house yesterday during lunch, on a Sunday, with the entire family of course, and informed us that the Red Bug needs custom headlights as that was what my brother specified. The caller was actually looking for him but he had to buy a few bottles of soft drinks and had to go for a refill for all 7 huge bottles of mineral water. In short, the caller had to speak with my father. 

My father is not so hyped when it comes to car beautification specifications. Custom car parts are not his cup of tea. But then because it was already specified in the order, he said nothing.  So that when my brother arrived just in time to join us, the topic on the lunch table was all about the Red Bug and the job order, lol.. 

My sister and I were only listening to the two of them while my mom's concern was with the price and all other expenses.  Anyway, it was actually a good conversation piece, lol.. Although I am not quite sure if it will be the last time we will talk or listen about the said topic.



Chocolate Coated Peanuts with Honey

My students sold this to me for P 70.00 during their marketing schedule. This is Chocolate Coated Peanuts with Honey. Imagine the usual PiƱato, only this time, imagine it dipped in Honey and Chocolate.. It was a very good dessert, but too much of this is not at all healthy too, so we ate them in moderation.. Lili likes them but she only takes one piece after a meal..



Food For Beauty

I have lots of Bananas, Cucumbers, Carrots, Celery, Turnips and Tomatoes in my refrigerator. And was hoping that when the refrigerator was able to breathe again, it would keep the said foodies cool and fresh. Unfortunately, it died again and no amount of resuscitation will ever make it breathe again. whew.. I can not imagine why it is happening to our refrigerator. Perhaps it can be attributed to the constant sudden-On-Off mechanism brought about by the rotational brown out. So now, I fear for all my vegetables and fruits. They would be experiencing oxidative stress right now, lol..

Seriously, without the refrigerator, the shelf-life of the said foodies are not the same as having them in the refrigerator. This can be likened to our skin. If we walk under so much heat, our skin would dry up. So much cold, the same. That is why we need protection by using products that help preserve and take care of our skin.

Oh my goodness, I have just been ranting about our refrigerator and now I am talking about the skin, silly me. hehehe.. But, am I wrong about such comparison? Surely, there is some relevance and similarity right? 



Our Dream Kitchen

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lili and I always watch our favorite cooking shows at Lifestyle Network. Then last night, while watching Barefoot Contessa, she told me that she wants us to have a kitchen just like the host's kitchen. So that when we will cook together, we will have a very nice open space and a very organized kitchen at that.  Not to mention the garden from where she plants and harvests her own herbs and spices. She loves how the pots hang on the ceiling, and dangle from time to time, while all the other equipment and gadgets are in place behind the island.  I bet the ones used to organize the pots on the ceiling were enclume pot racks. They look really nice, and shiny. I wonder how much each enclume pot rack would cost.. Oh well, I bet the price for each of the enclume pot racks are well worth every dime and penny. Hmm..just thinking out loud..

Anyway, apart from the kitchen and all the equipment and gadgets, Lili also likes the herbs and spices that the host is using.. She then asked if we could plant some of them in our mini garden. Oh my goodness. My 4 year old is little by little becoming Martha Stewart, lol.. Ah.. But she took it from me. At an early age, I too was interested with cooking and gardening. Only I did not have any of the luxuries that Lili has now..  The luxury of time and a patient mommy (well sometimes, lol..)



Lifelock Your Life..

>> Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beatrix, an online friend of mine who lives in Michigan informed me early today about the LifeLock Promotion Code which will enable anyone to be protected from identity theft. She told me that by far, LifeLock is, and for as long as she can recall, America's #1 Identity theft prevention program. She even managed to show me links to some of the many lifelock reviews that has given me so much thought about protection. As a blogger and online fellow, I am, as well as most of my online friends, are subject to many of these risks. Especially when we post emails that may be a hit for spammers and phishers to send their links to. I am really glad my friends online are very supportive when it comes to these things.

Lately, Yahoo has been having issues on sending emails and I found out that Yahoo is also upgrading its system because of the many complaints that spammers and phishers have hit most of their clients. I did mention in my other blog that my former boss was also hit. His email was used to ask money from me. Imagine? If I did not know any similar incident, then I may fallen prey to the monster. What was funny was that he or she could not understand Tagalog, which is what I use sometimes when talking or chatting with friends.

So all of us need to be aware and be cautious because even my favorite cooking  and recipe site was not spared. Their company was used by the hackers as well.. So I guess we all should lifelock our lives..



Korean Coolers

Today, our little brother celebrated his birthday at home. Everything was doing okay,  not until the obvious was  so pronounced when everyone wanted something really cool to melt the heat away. So Auntie Vicky sent us to buy Korean Coolers at the Korean Mart across West City Central, it was like a crazy trip to Korea itself,  cramped up in the vehicle, we still managed to smile, lol.. The two ladies at the shop are Koreans, one older and another, younger. At first they were both serious looking and the the older woman was cross. I think she was bothered because  we took lots and lots of pictures with our Asian pose, just like the pictures you see here. They didn't accept credit cards so Manong Ondo had to be sent there for financial rescue, lol.. So while waiting for him, I  took the liberty of buying the coolers below:

Melon: Pinky,
Pinipig taste-alike: Honey, 
Ice cream Sandwich: Mine,
Fish shaped Ice cream Sandwich: Sweet

All four cost me P 210.0, but I can not tell you the price for each as I forgot to ask. All I know is that 3 items  cost P 55 each and 1 is for P 45, I just do not know which exactly..
Kyna took the photos since she did not want to eat while there. But when we reached home, she ate the drumstick look alike (P 75.00) but is thinner than our usual drumstick here in the Philippines.

All the rest of the people enjoyed the Korean Coolers too.

That's just 1 basket, shown twice to show you what P 1070 allowed us to get.
See the bag I am holding? That's their special bag to keep our frozen delights from melting once sealed while in transport. That is why, when we reached home, and everyone reached out for his or her share of the treat, each item is still good as when we took them from the Korean Mart's freezer.

Thanks to Auntie Vicky for the treat. It was a different way to cool the heat..

I also bought a liter of  Tomato Juice (P 180) and 2 bottles of Rice wine (P 85 each) to sample.

A pose before we left the Korean Mart..


Herbs, Spices & Poultry

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love this window box. It's wide enough to hold such marvelous wonderment. I wish all window boxes are like that. I saw this online while browsing for window boxes planters because Carmz and I are planning to plant our own organic herbs and spices. Such garden window boxes would perfectly look great outside hanging by the kitchen window. Besides that, it is the safest place to plant herbs and spices as they do not require so much heat and sunshine while hanging there, compared to planting them in the front yard. Of course, most window boxes are usually seen with plants or flowers, that is why when we search for them offline or online, they can always be found using the keywords, window flower boxes or window plant boxes. And again, that is just what I was doing earlier. 

Now with all these herbs and spices and the chickens we plan to raise, we can already have our own organic feast at home. No more "Magic Sarap"? Well, that would be much healthier and affordable for we do not need to buy them anymore. Wow! That is such an amazing plan. No wonder my father is very much supportive of it. 

I think, if all of us will raise our own poultry or grow our own vegetable garden and organic herbs and spices, this world will be simpler and more livable.. I can't wait to start our plan.



On Melon and HID Lights

>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Darn, I am to buy a few ingredients for someone's birthday surprise and yet the assigned driver is not yet here. She's almost an hour late. Well she did mention that she will be accompanying her dad for the hid kits they are to buy for his car, and since she is the only available driver, she will be the one to drive him around.Oh well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to wait a few moments more.

So maybe I should just think of a perfect recipe for the melons that arrived last night. I could probably include a simple drink and a dessert with it as one of the ingredients. What do you think? Looking at these melons just reminds me of Liza and the headlights for her dad's car, lol.. funny!

Wow. I didn't know you can find lots of recipes for Melons online. Take this, they are not only for refreshing salads and drinks. Melons are also great for kebabs and some main courses... And they are all  yummy! Here's a cool Melon Recipe I would like to share:

Melon Grape Salad recipe

1 cup of cantaloupe melon, cubed.
1 cup of watermelon, cubed and seeded.
2 cups of green grapes, seedless.
5 tablespoons of lime juice.
½ cup of honey.
2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard.
Preparation Instructions:

Toss the melons and grapes with 1 tablespoon of the lime juice and chill, covered.
Once ready to serve, pour out the liquid, drying out serving bowl.
Whisk together the remaining lime juice, honey and Dijon mustard.
Toss with the fruit.

At least now I know what to do while waiting for pretty girl Liza.. I wonder how much longer I need to wait. Seems that those HID lights must be really very heavy, lol.. Kidding aside, it's perhaps unavailable in one shop so they have to go to another. That is what is mostly what my father does when he is on a look out for a car part if it's not available in one place. I did tell her about, the same site I  discovered for car parts and accessories..



Toblerone 2nd Mother's Day Promo

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

Here's a delicious treat for Mothers and 2nd Mothers.. Why not send them this bouquet:

Or, if you want this said bouquet for yourself, join the "Toblerone 2nd Mother's Day Promo"


1. Like the TobleronePilipinas Page here on Facebook.

2. Tell us who your 2nd mothers are and why you are grateful to them. The ten (10) most touching answers will win an exclusive chocolate bouquet designed by Michi Calica. You may post your answers on the comments section of this photo.

3. Refer the TobleronePilipinas Page to your Facebook friends by clicking "Suggest to Friends" at the upper left-hand corner of our wall for more chances of winning.

4. Email a list of Facebook friends you referred to along with your full name and contact numbers.

5. The promo will run from May 7 to 21, 2010. Deadline will be 5pm of the last day of the promo. Winners will be contacted via email and phone call.

*Participants and winners must agree that Toblerone reserves the right to use all information and materials gathered from the promo for PR purposes.

So what are you waiting for? Join now!



Food Stall Franchises

This was sent to me in my email. A friend of mine was inviting me to franchise one of the food-stalls in the flier. If you ask me, franchising is good, but I would prefer my own products to sell rather than make a franchise..



Off you go, Pickled Papaya..

Ahmee and Amy, male and female identical twins, arrived in the port and were welcomed by their relatives who they have never even met, not until that day. While it felt strange and weird for the two to be joining their mother's relatives for the first time, they also felt excitement and relief. Vacations are too difficult to come by in the US, especially when your schedule is unbearable, plus the funds are really too low. Ahmee was saving up for new spoilers for his car, while Amy needs to buy a new laptop with her savings. But of course, since this is a paid vacation, their mom's gift, as she puts it, there is nothing more to expect but fun and tan under the sun. 

Fast track: 

A week more to go and the two, Ahmee and Amy will be leaving Cagayan de Oro to go back home. Their grandmother ordered Lumpia yesterday and while we were talking, she can't help but be teary eyed as she says she will be missing the grandchildren she has spent summer with. True, she also has other grandchildren who live nearby and some even at her own home, but the two have only spent a month or so with them and they will be gone again. Ah.. A grandmother's longings.. I guess she also missed the kids' mom who has not come home since she went away after college. Although they talk  more often on the phone, it sure is different when both are face to face.

Hmm.. I feel this woman's pain and longing for her children. But on the lighter note, she has become a very big fan of our foodies here at the Orange house. Funny, she's even going to order pickled papaya for the two to take to their mom next weekend.. Oh well, business is good. Thank you Lord.


Getting More For Less.

>> Sunday, May 9, 2010

In my previous post, I mentioned that my siblings and I have signed up for WOW and we used our Paypal for Gold transactions to move in the game. After we were busy playing and eating, a friend of my brother, Ramon, who is also playing WOW online, introduced the use of the wow game card. He told us that if we use world of warcraft game card to upgrade or basically to move about instead of buying Gold through Paypal, we can save more money and play more characters and upgrades. He even showed us where to get wow game cards so we can go on with the games with no hassle.

And so we sought for a game card, and compared the costs and the benefits. Hmm.. Ramon is right.



Junk Food & Online Games..

My brother was having a great time playing The World of of Warcraft, and when we saw what he was playing, we couldn't help but create for ourselves a wow account each with different characters. But while we were creating our accounts, my brother was telling us to go the site where we could get cheap wow accounts because creating a world of warcraft account is quite tricky in the Gold department. 

All of us have our own Paypal accounts so it was okay.  But because it was taking so long, we bribed our brother to create the characters for us. In return, he wanted us to buy him his favorite junk foods.. Hmmm, no sweat! Junk foods it is, master. lol..



Mamsuy's Spanish Style Sardines

>> Monday, May 3, 2010

My fellow CDO Blogger Rosanna Lim invited me one time to try her mom's special spanish style sardines. I didn't hesitate because I am fond of Spanish Sardines from Dipolog City. While buying them in the supermarket is tasking and sometimes overpriced and no longer fresh, Mamsuy's is always fresh, affordable at P 50.00 only per serving, and oh so yummy..

I love the spicy hot sardines over a day old bread, spread with a little bit mayonnaise and toasted for 3-5 seconds.. yum..

Check out and LIKE their Facebook page. You will find more information there..

Or if you know Sanasanz, you can contact her and order your first 2. Believe me, ordering 1 is not a good idea. The moment you taste it, you can not wait to open the second tub. 


Food and Recipes Custom Coursework

>> Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anyone taking up HRM or Culinary Arts can attest to the fact that a flavorful custom coursework will always reap favor and appreciation from classmates and teachers. So whether it's International Cuisine custom coursework or a simple food and wine tasting event course work, I am sure every one will go home, happy and fulfilled. Ah, even heavenly chocolates can be given emphasis on health and dieting  issues, whichever will benefit ones current location and expectation.

Hmm.. Am I getting through to you??? If you ask me, creating the food itself is far from difficult and truly a wonderment..

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