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>> Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am a sucker for TAPSILOG! I swear, if I am asked what I would like for breakfast on a daily basis, my answer would be TAPSILOG. But TAPSILOG that is good, okay? Not the ones where it's done by someone commercially enterprising. But then, of course, if I will eat TAPSILOG everyday of my life, that will shorten it, lol. So I will have to rephrase that question. What breakfast food do you like to eat for two straight days? Two is safer. Meaning, you can change breakfast menu on the third and make it healthier, lol.. That way, you wont have to look for the best weight loss pills to combat the unwanted..

Anyway, I was in Iligan City for the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011. The fifth installation of Mindanao Bloggers Summits.  It was held at the third floor function hall of the CELADON PENSIONNE HOUSE in Barangay San Miguel, Palao, Iligan City. We arrived there as early as 7:30, fifteen minutes before registration even started.. all the way from Cagayan de Oro City. We didn't have breakfast so we promised ourselves to have breakfast after our photo shoot, lol.. We took the liberty of all camera action while no other participants were inside. We had a grand time snapping each other, hahaha..

So when all action were through, we ordered breakfast. It took awhile for them to be served that we had to eat our ordered breakfast at the hall, and no longer at the coffee shop. Good thing, the waiters set up a separate table for us so as not to embarrass us more than we already were....well, we didn't really eat them altogether so people at the stage or the organizers do not get offended. But because of the cheme, I missed snapping my TAPSILOG that morning. But I swear I enjoyed it. Much a good reason for me to order TAPSILOG again the next day, lol. So this morning, I had TAPSILOG again. But I was more in heaven at breakfast because unlike yesterday, we ate at the coffee shop, and TAPSILOG really had the SI.. sinangag or fried rice. And not only that, it was Garlic Fried Rice, OMG! My favorite!

The beef tapa was so yummy! It's tender and flavorful. The funny thing about their coffee shop is the quirky location of its entrance door.  It is facing just across the window (and door) to the kitchen where one can enjoy(?) all the smell of food cooking and the sight of the two kitchen staff doing the cooking. With this too, I was able to ask who prepared the Tapa, and I learned a pretty great information. The assistant cook is actually a former cook at one of Cagayan de Oro's food places.. now, all three of us are wondering if the said food place have the same delicious TAPSILOG.. I wish! Then I won't have to go to Iligan City, visit  CELADON PENSIONNE HOUSE  just for a taste of the TAPSILOG that I have fallen in love with.. 

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Alberto's Pizza

>> Sunday, October 23, 2011

This is an overdue post. Some weeks ago, we waited for my sister from her errand and we met at Alberto's Pizza at Gaerlan Street.

Alberto's Ham and Egg Pizza which has Ham, Ham Sausage, Hamonado, Egg, Tomatoes and Onions . It was actually new to me to have egg as one of the key ingredients in a pizza.  For a P 100, for 9 inch and P 140 for 12 inches, it's a good buy. Affordable yet high on flavors. 

Alberto's Meaty Royale Pizza which has Hungarian Sausage, Pepperoni, Salami, Ham and Bacon with real Mozzarella Cheese, P 230 for a 12 inch pizza is superb. Good taste, yet affordable for the pockets.  

Alberto's has been around since two years ago, I think, but first I tasted it was in Cebu. It was just recently that I heard it has come to CDO. And I didn't really know where it was located until just a few months ago. 

Click on the image above for details of this pizza joint. There are lots of different flavors to choose from and delivery is actually free. 

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Sold Out!

Perhaps everyone will agree that when we order at a fast food chain, the worst response would be that our desired food is sold out. Whew! To borrow my sister's comment, "Better Close Up if that is the case!", well, that is because everything that we wanted to order was declared SOLD OUT! Imagine that. Anyway, last Friday, we wanted to eat pizza and lasagna at Greenwich, LKKS. Unfortunately, we were told that both, pizza and lasagna were sold out! So, okay, we wanted to eat something else, pizza and pasta. Guess what? SOLD OUT! All pizza, according to the cashier were sold out during lunch time. It was two o'clock, and we saw people eating pizza and all the pasta we wanted. So, just like what the ones who were ahead of us, we walked out of the shop and headed some place else.

We went to Shakey's at the second level of LKKS, and ordered pizza, chick n chips and drinks. And our pizza craving was relieved. 

 I always like Shakey's ice cold iced tea. They never run out on ice. 
Chick n chips are always crisp and juicy.. Love their chicken. And the Manager's Choice pizza, has always been the same.. Oh, and I have never been told that they run out on something, regardless of the number of patrons they have. Goes to show that they really will please their clients, anytime of the day. 

Today, we wanted something else at the Greenwich Gaisano Mall, but they don't have it. The cashier says, It's Not Available! So okay, I asked her what's available, and she pointed two kinds of pizzas only. What? Yup! Two kinds. So we ordered the better choice and chose to enjoy the moment rather than sulk. 

The drink came first, but it was a total fail because they put lots of ice into the pitcher, so I had it removed. We only wanted ice on the glasses, and not on the drink in the pitcher, because when ice would melt in it, the drink's taste will change. It was good that the server came back minutes after. The other customers at the other tables had their drinks too late. One even had to go to the server and ask if he wants them to choke on their pizza. They may have laughed it out but boy, I could sense their frustration.

Our pizza arrived late, nevertheless, in time to keep us happy. While eating, I asked the server for a  suggestion form, and guess what the answer was. "Maam, I am so sorry but we ran out of suggestion forms".. Hahaha.. What's wrong with Greenwich. It seems that all their branches here in Cagayan de Oro City are major failure in terms of availability of what a customer would like to eat, or anything that a customer would ask for..  Or maybe, they were afraid of what the suggestion form can do so they just had to say it's not available. But then hey, suggestion form or not, I have posted my frustration here. And this blog is available for everyone to see. 

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Chef Tony's Popcorn: White Country Cheddar

We watched a movie last Friday at the LKKS Cinema 4, Shark Night 3D. But before we headed for the movie house, we bought Chef Tony's Popcorn: White Country Cheddar. Actually, we wanted something else, but Chef Tony's Popcorn: Honey Brown didn't have a small tub. The only flavor in a small tub that we liked was Chef Tony's Popcorn: White Country Cheddar, so it was what we bought. 

Unlike the Chef Tony's Popcorn: Belgian Butter Popcorn, with Honey Roasted Walnut, Chef Tony's Popcorn: White Country Cheddar is a little bit salty and sweet. What attracted us though is the promise of the popcorn being Low in Cholesterol, Low Fat and it says, it is a great source of fiber. True or not, we were in it for the flavor actually. 

I didn't have time to take a photo of the popcorn at the movie house as it was dark, so here is what's left of the popcorn after the movie. 

Since it was a small tub, it cost less than the Large Tub. It was sold at only P 110.00, and that's to share. 

Yesterday, my nephew Gian enjoyed the remaining popcorn with Lili while they were playing with the laptop. 

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Out for Lunch..

I could not cook because the Pryce gas delivery didn't arrive in time to prepare lunch, so we had to eat out. It was too late for mid morning mass and too early for the afternoon mass so we figured we eat lunch, look for some holiday photo cards and head on some grocery shopping before going to mass at the neighboring church. We had lunch at Izzy's Cafe at the fourth floor of Gaisano Mall. It would have been the usual Jollibee, Pizza Hut or eat all you can at either Light House or Peking House, but we didn't like the food at the serving tables. So we opted for Izzy's. Not our favorite place, but previous experience was good enough so we can always go back and enjoy meals there. Here's what we ordered. We were served with the drinks that came with each of our orders.

We actually ordered the Super Saver Meal that's good for two persons, with Fried Calamares, Lechon Kawali and Spaghetti..
Plus the Cream of Mushroom and Chicken Soup, that's actually just good for one person, instead of two. 
And of course, the two glasses of Iced Tea above, plus two single serving of rice in separate plates. That's for the Super Saver Meal at P 170 per order.  Since there were three of us, we opted to order additional food. We added the Super Sulit Meal which costs P 95 per order. And we got the Skewered Chicken in Chili Sauce plus rice...

And Spaghetti.. This order also comes with a glass of Iced Tea. 
It was not really a good meal. It was just okay. But here's a reason why after this meal, we are not going back there..

There was an insect similar to a baby cockroach at the very seat I occupied. OMG! And it kept moving while my daughter was finishing up her spaghetti.. Tried to get the attention of the servers, but they were too busy.. 

For dessert, we had Belgian Waffle Ice Cream from some place else. Of course, after every task was done, we went to church and came back to Gaisano Mall for late snack or early dinner. Then we headed home. 

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Meaty Eggplant

>> Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Do you always char your eggplant or do you steam them too? Well, we usually char them prior to making special recipes out of them. 

This time, since it was really impossible to char eggplants, I chose to simply steam the eggplant on a steamer, atop the rice that was cooking at the rice cooker. It's nice that this rice cooker have it's own steamer.
Next step is to take the skin off, even when this was not a charred eggplant. There's just something about the skin that makes it bad for the recipe.

I have added the minced pork that has already been mixed with lots of garlic and onions. Added an egg too.  Seasoned.  Combined everything and fried the mixture in a little oil.
 Flipped it to the other side to cook.. And there you go.. 
Meaty Eggplant. Simple, filling and yummy!

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Chef Tony's Popcorn: Belgian Butter Popcorn, with Honey Roasted Walnut

Lili and I went around LKKS last Saturday in search for bed sheets and I also wanted to look for a washing machine to solve our laundry pile problem at the pad.  But instead of finding what we were looking for right away, we found ourselves at the pile of Chef Tony's Popcorn, just outside National Bookstore, after buying Lili's leisure books. 

 Had to buy one.. hehehe..
What I like about Chef Tony's Popcorn, apart from the nice packaging is that, it comes with a bag that makes it more handy to carry around. 
 This huge tub will actually cost you P 210.00 and don't complain-- really!
For when you open it, and start digging into the popcorn, well, you'll find out that it's just right for what you paid for. 
The one we chose was Belgian Butter Popcorn, with Honey Roasted Walnuts. And boy, it was good. I like the crunch and the freshness in every bite..
Fortunately for us, we can not finish the entire thing in one sitting. So we have lots until now.. Although it's good popcorn, we still manage to eat them in moderation.. 

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A Cake for the Celebrant..

>> Friday, October 14, 2011

Ordered this cake for someone's birthday this month. I am not telling who because it's gonna be a surprise. This is home made and NOT commercialized, so expect that when you order from the seller, you will not be paying in credit cards. But then, because she is a blogger too, she may allow Paypal too. Hahaha.. Will ask her. If you would like to order this cake too, leave comment here and I will tell you details.

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Still Sick, But Feeling Better..

>> Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have been sick since Monday. Actually, had bad tummy as of Sunday and Monday was the start of hell. Yesterday, we went to the doctor for consultation, went through Urinalysis and Complete Blood Count.

Today, my father brought the pretty hilot named Alana who helped me feel better physically. So If I am to thank and give christmas gifts for girlfriends, I may include Alana and my sister Sweet, of course.

My sister had committed two absences already because she took care of my meals and our nook. Did most of the washing and accompanied me to the hospital together nth my brother, father and Lili. I have felt weak, nauseated all the time and dizzy too. I wanted to eat but I couldn't..

Everything I put in my mouth is bitter/salty. Like that "Pospas" above. And the truth is, after the garlic, onions, ginger root and chicken were sauteed, no salt or flavorings had been added. The chicken liver was even fried with no salt too. For a sick person, bland is always better. But my taste buds shout salty and bitter!

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Greenwich All Meat and Cheese Overload

>> Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It was a Saturday and we went grocery shopping. When we were done, we simply checked our baggage in at the baggage counter. We heard mass from the neighboring church and afterwards, had snacks at Greenwich. Well, it was because a little bird whispered that she wants to eat pizza, and pizza it is.. or was.. hahaha

It was just right for the three of us. The Greenwich All Meat and Cheese Overload was actually tasty in the sense that the cheese and the meat has perfectly fused together and the flavors somehow complement each other with every bite. Lili liked it and so I was happy. 

Add a pitcher of Iced Tea, and we're good to go. My companions and  I were so full. Even when we walked all around the second floor of the mall in search of RZR XP Accessories, still felt full. When we reached home, it was unanimous:  No More Dinner for the three of us!

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Crispy Fried Chicken

Once in a while, we carve for Fried Chicken. I know it is easy to buy them just about anywhere, because there are lots of food places that sell them. But making your own is also good. And it is cheaper too.
Like, we simply have to clean the chicken parts and dredge them with crispy coating powder. There are also lots of brands that you can choose from at the supermarket. Or you can make your own batter and fry them the same way. 
To get that crispy, no grease feel, never drop the chicken or whatever meat you wish to crispy fry, when the oil is not hot yet. You will know this because of the bubbles formed. 
So when it is ready, slowly drop it unto the hot oil, and when it's golden brown, flip the other side for it to brown as well. 
To get them from the oil is simple, use a cooking clip and give it a slight shake. You wont need a towel to blot the oil.

Of course, if you failed to shake the oil off, it will become greasy and not crispy later on.

What's do you have from your kitchen? Comment your links below, so I can visit you..

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