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Media Noche of Sendong Survivors...

>> Saturday, December 31, 2011

My group and I, the CDO Bloggers Inc went around Barangay Pita, Kauswagan, in Macanhan and in Balulang to give Tropical Storm Sendong survivors some Media Noche items. This morning, we cooked Biko and prepared the Media Noche loot as well before distributing them in the afternoon. 

 That's Venus and Rob mixing the biko with the sugar syrup...
 This Biko is supposedly yummy, because it is especially made with buko in it...
 And "lunok" on top..
They were placed in disposable or reusable containers and when we gave them to the surviors, some of them could not wait to eat the Biko for they have not had lunch or breakfast yet...

Apart from Biko, we also gave Bihon ingredients, a large loaf of bread and a 1.5 bottle of softdrink..

There were actually two bags that each family received, one from the in-kind donations of Iloilo Bloggers Inc. and of course, the other would be from the Paypal donors and sponsors...
I hope, with the goodies we gave, TS Sendong survivors had a good media noche as they welcomed the New Year 2012...

Here's a video to match this post:

Happy New Year everyone... 

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Food for the Hungry

>> Friday, December 30, 2011

Thirteen days have passed since Sendong's wrath immobilized the city and mobilized help from all over the world. It is actually a good thing that there are many organizations giving help and more and more donors sending help in cash and in kind. 

Above is a truck filled with relief goods that people in Macanhan have received. and below is the truck filled with drinking water.. Sorry about the date on the images, my camera was set to have a date on, but I was not able to key in the correct date.. will edit in a while.. 

While some areas help come and go, there are other areas where help is nowhere near.. I pity them who have nothing to eat anymore as they can not leave their place.. 

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After Sendong

>> Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cagayan de Oro is slowly rising, and its people are helping hand in hand in the efforts to rebuild the city. Engineers, health workers and and even doctors, those who work as a Dietician or Nutritionist Jobs handled, are working for the people's recovery. That is indeed a good thing. And I saw how people, even with their differences, continue to work to help the victims of the flash flood. 

While others continue to distribute relief goods, others also undergo workshops and training for the psycho-social debriefing of the victims. I hope one day, everything will be in place, that all victims shall be able to move into new homes, and move forward for a better tomorrow. 

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Making Noodle Soup That's Healthy & Nutritious and Our Christmas Foodies

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We have received so many packs of noodles, along with grocery items and all others, from friends who extended help after they learned that my family is one of Tropical Storm Sendong's victims. Here is what I did to make the food more healthy and nutritious. A hearty breakfast before we did our chores...

Here is the recipe:

3 portions of Chicken, sliced and seasoned
1 bulb onion, diced
Baguio beans, sliced

Sauteed the chicken, onions and garlic, added water and allowed it to boil. Added the noodles. and the  Baguio beans, plus the flavoring. Voila! A hearty noodle soup that is yummy and nutritious...

In the afternoon, we cooked Spaghetti, but didn't have the proper dish to serve it, so it's simply placed in the pot where the pasta was cooked.
My aunt cooked Chicken Kaldereta minus some of the ingredients... and had to stay in the carajay since we didn't have the proper dish to serve it too...
As for our Christmas dinner, we simply ordered Super Family Premium All Meat Tuscani pizza from Pizza Hut and got a second one, Family sized Bacon and Ham Pizza for free courtesy of my Palm Card.

And bought Jelly Roll and Mocha cake from Kathryn's, as there were already no more cakes available at Red Ribbon and Goldilocks. 

Brother's girlfriend's aunt sent us yummy cupcakes and my aunt who was also a Sendong survivor sent yummy Kutchinta with cheese... 
Seems that the Mocha cake was the first to go, lol.. Thanks to that lady who kept pushing me, I was given the order first instead of her. Hahaha...

Well, Merry Christmas everyone.. it may not be as merry as the previous years, but it was blessed all the same.. 

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Pizza Hut SM: Burpin Pizza and Pasta, lol

>> Friday, December 16, 2011

Yesterday we went to SM for so many reasons. First, I needed to renew my SM Advantage Card which I always use at Save More Capistrano when buying groceries. Second, we had to look for Lili's costume for their Christmas program tonight, plus all other accessories. I also opted to buy a new camera so I would have a remembrance for my money in December. Not the expensive kind, but the one within a budget I have in mind. But that happened after our dinner. We were famished after looking for and buying the costumes and the gifts for Lili's Christmas party come Monday..
So first, we ordered Mozzarella Sticks. We do not like them that much, but Lili and River loved them, so the order.. 
We actually ordered the P 198 fair which is good for two and we had two soups namely Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken, and the latter has always been my favorite... With that came the garlic bread, and two pastas plus drinks of course.. We opted for two Spaghetti Bolognese. But the one above we had asked the waiter to change because there was a long strand of hair atop the baked sauce... 
 We also ordered the new Pizza Hut Tuscani Super Family size pizza in the Premium All Meat flavor. Since I have my Palm Card, I got the Bacon and Pepperoni pizza above, also in Family size for free...
 But then, look, they are not actually the same size, lol.. Pizza Hut Tuscani Super Family size is a lot bigger, and of course it's thin crust with full flavor so it's yummier... But hey, we took the free pizza as it is free, lol.. 
The Spaghetti Bolognese arrived and didn't look the same.. I jokingly asked the waiter if they simply scraped the baked sauce from the one we had taken away earlier during the course of our dinner, and he said that the one that was not baked was rushed so they can have them both at our table in no time.. 
Given the benefit of a doubt, we believed him, but in my mind I was still wondering even after we arrived home with two boxes of take home Pizza, and two containers of Spaghetti.. In short, we didn't finish all our orders there since there were just four of us, and the two are just kids. So this morning, we heated them and we've been burpin Pizza and Pazta, lol.. Even when we had liempo and rice for lunch, we still couldn't stop burpin pizza, lol... 

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Christmas Sweets from Mister Donut

>> Monday, December 12, 2011

A week ago my daughter and I had lunch at Pizza Hut in Gaisano Mall. After lunch, we passed by Mister Donut kiosk and bought their Christmas sweets.. They are actually Mister Donut's Belgian Bites encased in holiday tin cans.

This one is in the shape of a huge candy cane with seven pieces Mister Donut Belgian Bites for P 150 only.
I actually like this one as I will use the tin can for something come Christmas day.. I love the idea of putting chocolates and candies in them.
The other tin can is in the shape of a miniature Christmas tree with 9 pieces Mister Donut Belgian Bites. This is prized at P 160 only.
I think this is also good for putting in candies and other sweet stuff during the holidays..

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Tita Fannies Liempo de Lechon

>> Friday, December 9, 2011

We always liked Tita Fannies Liempo de Lechon, whenever we eat at Tita Fannies. Now that they have opened shop here in Macasandig, I find it much better that we can satisfy our Tita Fannies Liempo de Lechon cravings as easily and as near than before. 
Bought one sometime ago and I was really glad that I was the first costumer for the afternoon. I was able to get photos of how Tita Fannies Liempo de Lechon is cut/served for takeout...
The removal of the string. The string actually holds the meat together so that the spices and herbs won't fall off while it is cooked on the roaster.
So there, I saw what makes Tita Fannies Liempo de Lechon flavorful..  Then the chopping into bite sizes.. I checked and the chopping board was clean before the attendant started doing his routine.. 
Technically, the chopped Tita Fannies Liempo de Lechon then will be served in their serving plates, if one is to dine in at the shop in Corrales, but since my order at Macasandig Branch was for take out, the chopped meat was placed in a foil, impeccably wrapped and placed inside their take out bags.. 

The taste of Tita Fannies Liempo de Lechon is good. Better than your everyday liempo as it has flavors of the herbs and spices that were placed in between. It is also synonymous to lechon thus the name, but it is much better than lechon...Oh, and if you have problems, Tita Fannies Liempo de Lechon is comfort food, especially on days when auto collision estimating software is what you have been looking into from breakfast to lunch till dinnertime, lol.. What could cheer you up after knowing that you have so much to pay and so much to spend to make your vehicle look like new..

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The Right Career? Have a Belgian Bite!

>> Thursday, December 8, 2011

We have just visited Cadayunan Primary School, and we are going back there for more help and gifts we can give, with the support of all our sponsors. Tough job being a teacher in the hinterlands. The school have just opened last July and they are not equipped with the necessary materials as well as a decent classroom. But I swear, the teachers have done quite well with the make shift classroom. I commend their skills and talents for that. Now I wonder why not all applicants for a teaching career are good enough for the job. Some prove themselves to have chosen the profession as their last recourse to find means to survive. Which is quite sad because I see lots of teachers, especially in the public schools, who lack compassion for their students. Some even use their students for more income, like selling snacks and food stuff inside the classroom, and the students are the prime consumers who buy for fear of a low grade. Perhaps in some schools it does not happen, but I know a school where this is rampant. And the more I fee sad about it. Surely, choosing a career is choosing one's vocation. I do believe that one's job is his calling and he or she can only perform well in it if he or she has the passion to excel on the job, and compassion for the job's direct client, in a teacher's case, the students.
Anyway, I am so reminded of my experience in a previous place of work where I was the GCPO, or the Guidance, Career Placement and Promotions Officer of this said school. I think it was quite a miracle that I have loved the job as much as the people I come across with. Perhaps it's because I had really supportive direct bosses, the school director and of course, the VP for Marketing. They believed in me and my ideas, so I loved doing more for the school. When we conducted a survey among our students as well as the graduating students of the schools we visited for Career Orientation, my work was made simplier as the data helped us a lot in our marketing plans to get more students to enroll. Of course, being the guidance counselor at the same time, I had to hit two points, that the students are also guided as to the right career choice parallel to their skills, talents, abilities and inclinations aside from an added number to the enrollee's list. I am sure that if there was ever a Survey Software available at that time, it would have gone faster than how it went. We wanted to develop an Online Survey where students can just visit our website and participate in the survey, but some schools, especially in the far flung areas, do not even have electricity. So if one becomes a teacher there, he or she must have initiative to cater to the needs of the time and location. But then again, as I mentioned earlier, some teachers just go after their salaries without ever trying to help the situation before their very eyes.
My sentiment is that, the educational system should be geared towards building a more educated country by having talented, multi-skilled teachers who are willing to go the extra mile to foster a good educational environment. I am sure the worst teachers in the country never really liked education to begin with, but feel they have no choice but to embrace their bread and butter for the time being. When and if they are given the chance, they will move away for greener pastures and a brighter future for them.  I guess, before a teacher is even accepted as an applicant, a survey must first be done in order to know if the applicant will be good or bad at the job. Surveys open windows somehow, and looking through said windows will let administrators know the  possibilities. Unless the administrator is downright naive of the needs of the school and its studentry..

Thinking about these things frustrate me all the more, whew! I better have a Belgian Bite instead.. 

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CDO Bloggers Inc Outreach and Feeding Program: Cadayunan Primary School

>> Monday, December 5, 2011

The photo above is just a part of the group we fed last December 2, 2011 at the Cadayunan Primary School in Besigan-- the farthest point of Cagayan de Oro City. Aside from feeding the students, we also gave them gifts and played games with prizes that they got to take home. 
 For the school, we gave learning materials, books, some organizing kits, teaching materials, school supplies, and extra juices for the kids' coming Christmas party. 
 It was truly a challenging journey to get there. We had to trek up the peak, passing through muddy paths and of course, have ourselves wet and muddied up...
 Not to mention that we had to take the only transportation available for us to deliver our gifts, food and ourselves to the area...
And of course, it may be a dump truck to many, but for the people there, it is a blessing for this truck helps the farmers carry their products and goods to the market for free.  I guess the bumpy ride is not that bad, for when we reached the school, we saw how happy the kids were and that made us happy too. 

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5 Food Tasting European Road Trips

If you have been living in Europe for quite some time, you have probably been using all of your vacation time to visit famous cities, to go sightseeing and to view historical locations. Maybe you want to travel more, but you do not know where to go next or what you would do when you got there.
All of this time, you have been traveling to see and experience new things. Perhaps what you need is to start traveling to experience new things with a different sense, meaning your taste buds. Food tasting road trips can be an absolute blast and planning them is half the fun. You'll visit new places, taste amazing food and sip fantastic wines. For even more fun, keep an online log of all of the places you have been and rate restaurants for your friends. Try to find a car with good gas mileage, like a used ford, so that you can go farther for cheaper and be sure to add these top five European food destinations to your must-taste list.
1. The most obvious location to make it on the list is probably Paris, France. Yes, you have probably visited Paris a dozen times. Paris is rich with history, beauty, culture, shopping and incredible music. But it also has incredible food. Restaurants in Paris have a wide price range, so you do not have to make reservations at the fanciest restaurants in order to get a good meal. In Paris, seemingly everyone cooks amazing food, so you will probably enjoy yourself at any restaurant that you happen to walk into.
2. If you love seafood, you should definitely head to Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is known for its fish dishes. Restaurants in Barcelona will be likely to serve meals with oysters, mussels, lobster, shrimp and cuttlefish. Different kinds of paellas flavored with the exquisite spice of saffron will light up your taste buds.
3. Florence, Italy is perfect for you if you love Italian food and wine. In Florence, you can sign up for Tuscan wine tours, where your senses will be overwhelmed with smells, sights and tastes. Pasta lovers will be in heaven as they try local olive oils, fresh pasta noodles and fabulous Romano and Mozzarella cheeses.
4. If you want to try authentic English cuisine, York in the United Kingdom should be your next destination. York has countless cafes, tearooms and bars that will certainly give you a truly British experience. York also has restaurants that have food from other parts of the world. You will find restaurants that specialize in Thai, Indian, Pakistani and much more. A trip to York will be like visiting multiple countries in one trip.
5. If you are willing to travel a little further east, do not forget to stop by Brussels, Belgium. Brussels is most well known for its amazing chocolate. In fact, you can even take chocolate tours. Also popular in Brussels are frites. Frites are potatoes that have been deep-fried. They come in many different shapes and sizes and most people dip them in a variety of delicious flavored sauces, like garlic or curry mayonnaise, tomato and pepper sauces and tartar sauce.

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Gift Ideas for the Techie-Geek in Your Life

>> Saturday, December 3, 2011

It can always be difficult to buy gifts for a tech junkie if you do not know what the newest and hottest products are. These 5 items are some of the most advanced products on the market and are guaranteed to be loved by the technology lover in your life.

Kindle Fire
Tablets give you all of the computing power of a computer in a small portable package. Selling for just under $200, the Kindle Fire is the cheapest tablet available today. Despite the price, the Kindle Fire has the ability to easily compete with the iPad and other more expensive tablets. The Kindle Fire can be used to read books, watch movies, play games, browse the internet and download applications. Since the Fire is made by Amazon, it has thousands of movies, tv shows and applications that are available to download and enjoy. Every tech junkie will love having all of this power in a small 7 inch device. The Kindle Fire is available at most major retail stores with an electronics section.

Roku 2
The Roku 2 allows you to be able to watch all of your favorite tv shows, movies and sports without needing a cable or satellite service. Roku 2 comes with over 300 different channels, Netflix, Hulu and Youtube. You can even pay an additional monthly fee to get every NBA, NHL and UFC match. Roku 2 is connected to your television and delivers 720p high definition. Roku 2 is available at most electronic stores for a price of $59.99.

GAEMS G155 Portabale Console System
If the tech junkie in your life loves playing video games, then this may be the perfect gift for them. This item allows you to turn your Xbox 360 or PS3 into a portable gaming device. On the outside it looks like a storage case, but inside features a 15.5 inch screen that your console can be hooked up to. You place the console in the case, plug into the power supply and connect to the screen. Once this is done you can enjoy your favorite video games from any location. This is only available at specialty electronic stores for a price of $299.99.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
There is nothing more than a tech junkie will enjoy more than one of the hottest video games available. Skyrim can be played on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Skyrim is known for its epic dragon battles and for featuring hundreds of hours of gameplay. Since the game was released in early November, many critics are calling it one of the greatest video games of all-time. Skyrim is available at most major retail stores and costs $59.99.

Logitech Harmony 650
Every tech junkie will have several devices connected to their television, which makes a universal remote a great gift. The Logitech Harmony remote allows for you to control five devices with the one remote. This remote is easy to setup and only costs $40 at most large electronics stores.

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