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Just the tip of an Iceberg: Build Your Home with Lancaster

>> Saturday, August 9, 2014

Just the tip of an Iceberg: Build Your Home with Lancaster: Have you ever thought of getting your own home or investing on a property to rent out or to sell in the future? This could be what you are...

Hey guys, check this out..


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Poor Gator :-(

>> Saturday, August 2, 2014

I saw this video on you tube and I wonder how they caught the gator.. Hmm.. My sister and I were in a Crocodile shop/farm in Singapore in 2010 and they have a tannery just right behind it but we never saw how the process of removing the hide was done.. 

After seeing this video, I feel pity for the animal.. tsk.. On the other hand, I wonder how this gator would taste when cooked.. hmmm..

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Off Mushrooms..

>> Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Do you eat mushrooms? We do. We love mushrooms at home. Mushrooms are a type of fungus. There are many kinds, some are edible while others are poisonous. The most commonly eaten varieties are the white button mushrooms. All edible mushrooms supply certain vitamins and minerals. What's good about them is that, Mushrooms are low in fat and calories. Plus, they can be added to soups, stir-fries, casseroles and pasta recipes to increase the nutritional value, not to mention add flavor.  

Mushrooms contain Potassium, which is an essential mineral that acts as an electrolyte in the body. We need adequate amounts of potassium fro us to maintain a healthy balance of fluids. This contributes to the healthy function of our muscles, which aids in normal heart functions and helps to metabolize carbohydrates as well. Our daily potassium requirement is 4,700 milligrams, in which one cup of sliced white mushrooms can supply 223 milligrams. Mushrooms also contain Niacin, which is a water-soluble B vitamin that is not stored in our body. This means that we need to get plenty from the foods eaten everyday. We need between 14 and 16 milligrams of niacin on a daily basis to support healthy digestive system, skin and nerves. Our body also uses niacin to change food into energy. A cup of sliced white mushrooms contains 2.52 milligrams of niacin.

There are actually many kinds of edible mushrooms and the most popular are Shiitake, portabella and morel mushrooms, which are nutritious additions to our diet. Each kind contain similar nutrients, while others may have what others do not. A piece of shiitake mushroom contains 58 milligrams of potassium and almost 1 milligram of niacin, as well as small doses of magnesium and zinc. A cup of portabella mushrooms contains just 19 calories, but can supply the body with 313 milligrams of potassium and 3.86 milligrams of niacin. Morel mushrooms supplies 271 milligrams of potassium as per 1-cup serving, plus a whopping 8 to 18 milligrams of iron that we need on a daily basis. 

To use mushroom in cooking is very easy. Simply slice white mushrooms into a pot of vegetable soup or beef stew. We can quarter mushrooms to add to stir-fry dishes or to pasta sauce. If we chop mushrooms into small pieces we can add them to our favorite meatloaf or hamburger recipes. Amazingly, they add flavor and nutrients to the meat. We can also slice raw white mushrooms and include them into a tossed green salad. Paleo dieters stuff a portabella mushroom with reduced-fat cheese and broil them for a healthy appetizer. And of course, grill a portabella mushroom, serve it in a whole-wheat bun as a nutritious substitute for a hamburger patty. That's a healthier, yummier burger bun there, don't you think? Dried morel mushrooms can add bold flavor to soup, stews and pasta recipes.

But for us, we always prefer the fried mushrooms that tastes like fried chicken.. Yum :-)

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It's Not Expensive

My co teachers told me that I am spending too much for my shakes, and they said I should just join then for their coffee time. But I know my stand.. I love my shakes and they keep me healthy. Besides, I know I have saved a lot on food while getting healthier.. 

My replacement meal for breakfast is just amazing.. It costs less, and it gives me more for health.. Having embraced a healthy lifestyle have its advantages. And I swear it costs less because I know now that those unhealthy foods that we used to indulge in are quite expensive on the pockets as well as the health costs, especially when we get sick. When we go to the groceries now, we always look at the health benefits, and healthy foods are not at all expensive. All the more when you think of what they can do to the body. That is why I am loving my program.. Apart from the shakes, we are taught everything that we need to be healthier.. 

I will never argue with anyone, but above is my result so far.. Still, I am a work in progress.. I will be in my ideal weight soon.. 

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Ordinance No. 12685: The Half-cup Rice Ordinance

>> Monday, July 28, 2014

Food establishments in Cagayan de Oro are now required to serve half cup of rice to avoid rice wastage. Data released earlier this year by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI – DOST), reported that each Filipino wastes an average of 3.29 kilograms of rice every year. The rice wastage in 2008 amounted to 296, 869 metric tons (MT) which is equivalent to 12.2 percent of the rice import that same year. Said loss amounted to about P7.3 billion, which could have fed around two million Filipinos. An innovative solution is necessary to minimize wastage, that will be a great help to boost the Philippine food security. Addressing this concern at the local level, City Councilor Annie Daba authored Ordinance No. 12685, known as the Half-cup Rice Ordinance of Cagayan de Oro City, to encourage the responsible consumption of rice as embodied in the Presidential Proclamation No. 494 by President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. The ordinance mandates that “all food establishments including restaurants, cafeterias, caterers, fast-food chains and other related food services in Cagayan de Oro City to include one-half cup serving of rice in their menu with the corresponding one-half price as an option for the public customers. This ordinance was enacted last November 2013, and the memorandum is currently being distributed to restaurants, canteens, caterers, fast food chains and hotels. By August, food establishments are expected to have the full implementation of the half-cup rice servings on their menu. 

Violating the said ordinance shall have its consequences. The fine for those violating the said ordinance will be set at P1,000 and P2,000 for the first and second offenses, respectively. For the third time offender, penalty of P3,000 fine and the cancellation of their business permit. Succeeding offenses by food establishments will cause the filing of an appropriate case in court with a fine of P3,000 to P5,000 or an imprisonment of one day to twelve months.

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How One's Plate Should Look

>> Sunday, July 20, 2014

I got this really helpful information from a friend's FB.. This is commendable, don't you agree?

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>> Friday, July 27, 2012

Foodies from all over the globe, in case you want to witness the KUMBIRA 2012, here in Cagayan de Oro City, here are some important details: 

I can't wait for August 15 to 17, 2012---  See you there!

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Malawi's Pizza: Pizza with a Purpose

>> Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I have heard of so many strategies to raise funds for the needy. But here's a delicious idea that I have seen online. And I salute the owner of Malawi's in Provo for this really generous kindness. Imagine, every time one orders pizza, or for every meal one would buy, they will provide a nutritious meal to a child in Malawi, Africa. I guess that's how they got the cafe's name too.

So whether you order pizza, pasta, salads or desserts, it's a one-to-one donation that goes a long way. I wish we have that here too, so that many people can partake of the delicious food, all with fresh ingredients, and help the children in Malawi, Africa as well. That's not just doing good business but also building good karma.

Maybe this idea can also be applied here in our country. What with the many children that are hungry in the far flung barangays. What with the many school children who go to school with nothing in their stomachs to help them absorb the lessons at school. What with the many hungry mouths, too many to feed, for a father with a meager income. Ah.. This is indeed a very good idea. But not too appealing for many restaurant-owners, concessionaires and businessmen. If I will see a store or cafe or restaurant who will do this same thing, I would truly be thankful. 

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SLERS Chorizo

>> Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am a Tapa, Longanisa, Tocino and Chorizo addict. I have favorites and I have tasted not so good ones too. Though I always make it a point not to remember the bad ones, and only reminisce of the yummy ones, I can't help but remember not to buy them Anyway, I was taught that in cooking any of them, you have to have water first before oil.. Except for the ready to fry kind where oil is the only thing you cook them in. 
 In cooking the SLERS Chorizo we bought at SaveMore, of course I also used water...
But if there was one thing different from all other cooking process, I remembered what the SLERS attendant told me as he handed me my packet of Chorizo. He told me, and I listened, that as soon as the water would boil, I should put oil...

After putting oil, of course it continued cooking the SLERS Chorizo when the water evaporated. The oil browned the SLERS Chorizo, and that added to the yummy looking treat on our table during breakfast... 

Most people, including myself, love a healthy treat and this SLERS Chorizo is actually one that I can rank among the healthy indulgences of life. See, the reason why oil is needed to is that, the chorizo is made of solid meat. I saw with my own eyes that there isn't any trace of pork fat in it. If you use a healthier kind of oil, it will be wiser too. 

This SLERS Chorizo is available for only P 36.00/10 pieces. That's actually quite affordable..

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Krispy Kreme’s Flowery Treat for Moms

>> Monday, April 16, 2012

This Mother’s Day, show your mom how much you care by getting her a box of Krispy Kreme’s flower-shaped doughnuts.

That’s right! On its 75th birthday, Krispy Kreme honors every mom by releasing its first-ever flower-shaped doughnuts.  Made especially for all mothers out there, these melt-in-your-mouth treats come in three fun and festive colors that are sure to bring a smile on everyone’s face—pink, yellow and white.

Krispy Kreme’s flower-shaped Mother’s Day doughnuts are only available from April 13 to May 31, 2012. So hurry and go to a store near you. Grab a bouquet before they wither away.

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Liempo King

My sister and I went to eat lunch at this small food shop near her former school, with her wearing her scrub tops, after her weekly rounds at the place where she works. It's actually just beside The Barn, and eating at this new joint is actually a good experience for us. The staff  were nice, and the food arrived on time.

Their approach to cooking Liempo is quite different from the usual fair. Although there have been many Liempo places which sells Liempo in a Lechon-like manner, Liempo King offers a different experience as one takes a bite of the bits and pieces of sliced Liempo. From the size when it was cut, marinated and broilled, Liempo King Liempo looks totally like a whole new face of Liempo. The taste is commendable as it is cooked just right. What's more, the crispiness of Lechon skin can be crunched upon evey Liempo King liempo skin.. I wouldn't say it's better than lechon though, but, it is better than other Lechon-Liempo products that's around Cagayan de Oro City.. 

Lookie... it is yummy inside and out.. Crunchy skin, tasty meat that imagining it while doing this post makes me salivate... hahahaha

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6 Interesting Facts About the History of Humanities

>> Monday, August 8, 2011

Humanities is a discipline that many are interested in and few really understand. Since there is always more to learn in this field it’s well worth taking a look at the history of it overall.

1. The study of humanities can be traced back to ancient Greece for how citizens there were educated. This was the overall way that people in this time were educated and there was no other way. People didn’t have a choice in their education as it was dictated and that’s where the whole notion of humanities started. It was adopted by the state and helped to form the basis of an education to ensure citizens lived with a certain behavior.

2. It was in Ancient Rome that the seven liberal arts associated with humanities were developed and founded. These seven liberal arts still exist today in some form and have created degree programs that many can use to further their education. This was of course a primitive form and meant to keep the people in line from an ethical point of view, but it formed the basis of what humanities was to be adapted as.

3. Renaissance times saw the change for humanities to be studied as another subject rather than the overall education. It was during this era and time period that humanities started to change shape. Rather than being the only type or form of education, it quickly became a subject that people could choose to study. This was a real change in the way of thinking about this discipline and shaped the way that we thought of humanities moving forward.

4. It was in the twentieth century that humanities developed into the discipline and academic subject that it is today. The way that we study humanities today took some time to develop and finally took shape at this point in time. This is now how we look to the discipline though some changes have certainly been made. It is a discipline through and through and for some it is still looked to as a way of life.

5. Humanities has become a subject that all students must study in some form within the United States as part of a liberal arts education. If you are going for any type of degree in liberal arts which many are in college, then you will likely have one or more classes in humanities. This is good as it gives an overall view and appreciation for something with such historic roots.

6. Since the nineteenth century it was believed that humanities was essential to develop personal consciousness and a sense of civic duty. This was the whole reason that humanities came about as a sort of ethical measure. Though it is only part of a culture today it is still an important one that fascinates many.

Humanities as a whole can be somewhat difficult to understand at times. This is a discipline that will likely constantly evolve and change but some roots may remain the same.

MJM Fred enjoys providing students with information about course requirements for earning a master of fine arts.

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To Remove Oil from Fried Food

>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There are many ways to remove oil from fried food. One of the many ways is to place the fried dish on a paper towel. In our house, whenever we run out of paper towels, we use tissue paper. Quite expensive compared to paper towels, but it's worth it.

FYI: Before serving the dish, make sure that you have removed it from the paper towel otherwise, it would be useless to have them anyway. After removing the paper towel, you will notice that a huge amount of oil is absorbed by the towel.

When frying Lumpia and Fried Chicken however, we use an oil drainer or a stainless colander where we let the oil drip from the colander to the plate that catches the dripping oil.


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ORDER and PAY for MAX's Restaurants Purchases ONLINE

>> Thursday, September 2, 2010

YES. ORDER and PAY for your purchases online in real-time! Simply go to to order your sarap-to-the-bones Max's fried chicken and Filipino dishes for delivery anywhere within the Philippines! Show your loved ones that you love them, show them that you value them, and no matter how far or near, that you care and surprise your loved ones by ordering Max's for them today!

By the way, Max's Restaurants in the US offer FREE FOOD FOR KIDS with a purchase of $7 or more..

To read MORE on this, CLICK HERE.


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Halal Foods

>> Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The first time I heard of  Halal certified food was when I joined this really famous US based food supplement company and our products are Halal Certified. I was yet in College when its market here in Cagayan de Oro sprouted. And I was not really mindful of what it meant. All I know is that when it's Halal, our brothers and sisters in the Islamic faith approves of  Halal certified products. Over the years, I believed it plainly to be so, until I read a few more readings and one could even get updated on Halal certified food and products in Facebook. Learning more about Halal Foods is a great thing. It's a cultural thing really, as well as religious. If we learn the basis for such then we shall be more tolerant of each other in this world.

Today, as I mentioned that you can get information about Halal Foods in Facebook, and as I went through the page, I saw that Miss Janette Toral founded it, so it's definitely a good informative place online.  I even found a link to the website,, and of course, I didn't only like it, I am very much thankful for such a site. 
With pages and this new site I discovered, I am now able to identify which foods are Halal. A great help since my family sometimes entertain friends who are practicing Islam. And even though Halal had been coined a long time ago, we often have limited our food choices as to fresh fish, vegetables and beef only. For as long as we do not serve them pork, we feel we are good. With the site, as more information shall be in place, I am sure we will be able to find many more choices, including canned goods and many others.

By the way, if you know of a company, or if you own a company and your product is Halal-certified, then I suggest that you contact Miss Janette Toral and give the following information:
Company name:
Your product:
Your website address:
Where and when was your Halal certification issued:
Of course, you will be able to find more information if you visit the site or LIKE the page at Facebook. Surely, it will be a one-stop-shop for information about Halal Certified foods and products.. Thanks Miss J.. 



Looking for a New Digital Camera

>> Friday, August 6, 2010

These past few days, I have been busy going through digital camera reviews because I am planning to buy a new digicam for my blogging needs. The old one is parked at Kodak Service Center and is utterly useless. Because if I will have it fixed, it will be much more expensive than buying a new one. These days, I use the handy dandy phone of my mom's Canon. When you are a blogger, a digital camera is indeed very useful and a necessity. But being a responsible parent, what I fancy or need will have to wait until my daughter's needs are met. I am not like all those irresponsible fathers who would buy all thing expensive yet, fail to provide even a can of milk for his child. 

Anyway, take a look at my photos taken from my phone:

Not bad isn't it? It's still okay, but with a really good camera, I am sure it would have been a really good take.. 

My photos still bring out the best in my featured food.. Don't you think so?

Hmm Yummy!!! Hehehe..

And that's my little princess taking her own photo using my phone only.. If I have the digicam below, I am sure she'd be more excited for she loves Pink so much.. 

or this..

Ahh.. soon..

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Restaurant Menu Descriptions

>> Monday, July 12, 2010

Here's some Restaurant Menu Descriptions that many of you may want to know. Quite frankly, before we even decide to eat outside our home, we must be aware of what food to eat and how they are going to be prepared. If you are on some special diet, knowing these things will help you to avoid what needs to be avoided, in as much as enjoy what you can freely enjoy.. Thanks to Yahoo for sharing.. I am also sharing this here for my readers... 

Au Gratin: Baked side dish usually made with cream or whole milk, butter, and cheese and topped with buttery bread crumbs.
Hollandaise: Heavy, classic French sauce made with butter and egg yolks
Scalloped: Baked side dish made with heavy cream and/or whole milk
Creamed: Cooked with cream 
Smothered: Usually covered in some sort of heavy sauce or gravy

Parmigiana: Coated in a mixture of bread crumbs and grated Parmesan cheese and fried
Alfredo: Heavy sauce made with butter, cream, and grated cheese
Scampi: Sauce often served with shrimp or other seafood that's typically made with lots of butter
Fritto (Fried): Fried in oil 
Breaded: Coated with bread crumbs and then typically deep-fried in oil 
Carbonara: Pasta sauce made from bacon, whole eggs, cheese, and sometimes cream

Con Queso: Topped with cheese
Refried: Fried, often in lard
Deep-Fried/Crispy: Fried in oil
Loaded/Supreme/Grande: Often used in reference to nachos, quesadillas, or burritos; this indicates that a dish is served with ALL the toppings, including cheese, sour cream, refried beans, and sometimes meat
Chimichanga: Burrito stuffed with meat and fillings, then deep-fried

Egg Rolls: Vegetables and meats wrapped in dough and deep-fried in oil
Fried: Fried rice, dumplings, meats, seafood, and more soak up excess oil which adds more calories to your plate
Chow: "Chow" indicates that a dish has been stir-fried, typically in liberal amounts of oil; chow mein and chow fun (or chow foon) are both dishes made with pan-fried noodles
Egg Foo Young: Egg dish which is similar to an omelet, made with whole eggs, pan-fried, and usually smothered in salty brown gravy
Sweet and Sour: A sugary, syrupy sauce that's made of part sugar and part vinegar
General Tso: Bits of meat are coated in an egg and cornstarch mixture, deep-fried, and mixed with vegetables in a high-salt sauce

Source:  Joy's Healthy Bite

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Herbs, Spices & Poultry

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love this window box. It's wide enough to hold such marvelous wonderment. I wish all window boxes are like that. I saw this online while browsing for window boxes planters because Carmz and I are planning to plant our own organic herbs and spices. Such garden window boxes would perfectly look great outside hanging by the kitchen window. Besides that, it is the safest place to plant herbs and spices as they do not require so much heat and sunshine while hanging there, compared to planting them in the front yard. Of course, most window boxes are usually seen with plants or flowers, that is why when we search for them offline or online, they can always be found using the keywords, window flower boxes or window plant boxes. And again, that is just what I was doing earlier. 

Now with all these herbs and spices and the chickens we plan to raise, we can already have our own organic feast at home. No more "Magic Sarap"? Well, that would be much healthier and affordable for we do not need to buy them anymore. Wow! That is such an amazing plan. No wonder my father is very much supportive of it. 

I think, if all of us will raise our own poultry or grow our own vegetable garden and organic herbs and spices, this world will be simpler and more livable.. I can't wait to start our plan.



Food and Recipes Custom Coursework

>> Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anyone taking up HRM or Culinary Arts can attest to the fact that a flavorful custom coursework will always reap favor and appreciation from classmates and teachers. So whether it's International Cuisine custom coursework or a simple food and wine tasting event course work, I am sure every one will go home, happy and fulfilled. Ah, even heavenly chocolates can be given emphasis on health and dieting  issues, whichever will benefit ones current location and expectation.

Hmm.. Am I getting through to you??? If you ask me, creating the food itself is far from difficult and truly a wonderment..


Weekend Gourmet Market at Eastwood Mall

>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wanna witness all the gastronomic delights at this Weekend Gourmet Market in Eastwood Mall? Clea Cheng of  Megaworld Commercial Division informed me that this is going on every weekend starting April 24, 2010 and all the weekends of May.
This is a chance for us to explore an eden of sweets, baked goodies and hard to find gourmet cooking ingredients. Plus a selection of  fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and more. She showed me pictures of and I was already drooling over the foodies..

The Weekend Gourmet Market is located at the 2nd and 3rd level of Eastwood Mall.  Weekend Gourmet Market Hours are Saturdays: 11am-11pm and  Sundays: 10am-10pm.

I want some of these YUMMY Babies..  How about you?


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